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The best app to motivate Gen Z to improve their mental fitness, develop healthy habits and level up their life!
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How does it work?

Gen Z learns to earn while leveling up their mental fitness!
Teens and tweens make trades with parents, grandparents, and extended fam. They agree to learn mental fitness skills in exchange for getting rewards.
Mental fitness life skills are taught by world-class experts—think psychologists on how to tame anxiety, Olympians on performance-boosting mindset shifts, and more.
Once a trade is complete, the rewards are unlocked—coveted quality time with mom or dad, extra screen time, sleeping in, gift cards for their favorite brands, and more.

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Everybody wins!

Parents love dripdrop as it makes life easy. They feel proud watching their kids develop healthy habits and learn valuable mental fitness life skills. (Bonus: no more arguing over screen time.)

Tweens and early teens love dripdrop because they can earn the rewards they crave. Just like in their favorite video games, kids can "level up"—but with dripdrop they do it in real life!

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dripdrop doesn't just make family life easy—it's transformational!

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Note: dripdrop is only for US and Canadian customers at this time. We will roll out international support in the future.

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