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Create a dripdrop account for your family and challenge your kids to complete a variety of life lessons and healthy habits to kickstart their mental fitness journey today!

lessons delivered by a world-class community of experts & coaches

Taes Leavitt

Meditation Expert
Energy Flip Meditations
Flip your energy using meditation to help move through big emotions.

Jennifer Kolari

Family Therapist
Tame Your Anxiety Dog
Tame anxiety, banish procrastination and learn to design your brain.

Lisa Seward

Teen & Parent Coach
4 Tools to Handle Bullying
Develop four effective strategies to handle bullying and uncomfortable social situations.

Sam Demma

Youth Leader
It’s time to create a new reality for who you are and who you strive to become.

Rebecca Nizoil

Professional Coach
Emoji Yoga
Use yoga to acknowledge difficult emotions, be with them and successfully move through them.

Chef Devan Rejkumar

Cooking Expert
Chef Dev at Home
Feed your soul and gain some independence by learning how to cook tasty meals.

Olympian Tremaine Harris

Olympic Hurdler
Athletics for Everyone
Push yourself mentally and physically to higher levels of performance.

Olympian Sarah Wells

Olympian & Speaker
The Olympic Mindset
Up your game in training, sport, and life by adopting the mindset of an Olympian.
All-Star Experts
Motivating Rewards
Video Lessons
The Secret Sauce

dripdrop gamifies life skills!

Teens and tweens develop mental fitness skills that will change the trajectory of their lives.

Life lessons taught by All-Star Experts

dripdrop gives families access to a world-class community of experts & coaches.
Lessons include taming anxiety with the help of a psychologist, performance-boosting sessions with an Olympian, and creating community impact from a youth leader.

Rewards they crave

We've curated a special selection of rewards to motivate kids to complete their end of the deal.
Rewards generate enthusiasm! The app provides non-monetary reward options such as screen time, quality time with dad, and staying up late. Alternatively, teens and tweens can learn to earn by trading for dripcoin—our in-app currency. They can save up over time to buy cool tech, custom hoodies, gift cards, and more!
How it Works
Create an in-app trade: simply pick a mental fitness lesson / challenge and a reward.
Kids complete bite-sized video lessons and tackle real-world, activity-based challenges.
Kids send proof of completion. When you give the thumbs up, their reward is unlocked!

Gamification makes it fun

The dripdrop app uses gamification principles to make it super fun for youth to improve their mental fitness and learn critical life skills.

dripdrop makes it easy!

Mental fitness for the win

When our young people are mentally fit they can relax, have fun, make friends, learn new stuff, be creative, handle setbacks and try new things!

Every trade is WinWin!

Our Promise to Parents

Easy, Motivating, & Meaningful
Parents love dripdrop because it makes life easy. They feel proud watching their kids develop healthy habits and learn valuable mental fitness life skills.

(Bonus: no more arguing over screen time.)

It's easy to get started!

Parents, you can create an account and then add as many family members (and extended family and friends) as you want...all at no extra cost!

What families are saying

dripdrop doesn't just make family life easy—it's transformational!

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Note: dripdrop is only for US and Canadian customers at this time. We will roll out international support in the future.

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