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End the
Screen Time

Gift it today!
Kids, you want more screen time, right?

Parents, you want your kids to learn and grow, right? (oh yeah, and handle their homework and responsibilities too)
there's an app for that.

Watch the video below to see how dripdrop transforms family life!

The Screen Time Struggle is familiar to many, but it is not inevitable...

We've all been there. But it doesn't have to be that way...
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Here's how it works


We make it simple and easy for you with
WinWin Trades + Accountability + Rewards
Make Trades for what you BOTH value most
Kids take action!
Kids send video proof to parents
Parents unlock Rewards!

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There's no better gift

Be a HERO and end the Screen Time Struggle for your family and friends! Gift 3 early access dripdrop app memberships and get 1 free for your family.

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Say hello to transformation

Make 2021 all about transformation, growth and taking family life to the next level.

When you gift a dripdrop app membership, there's no need to worry about delivery delays. We send you a printable card to put under the tree! If you buy Screen Time passes or Life Passes, you can get those as a digital download.

What Trades
will you Make?

Dozens of in-app trades to choose!

Trade for Transformation

Olympian Sarah Wells
Olympian Tremaine Harris

Kids learn from world-class Experts

(We're talking Olympic athletes on mindset, successful entrepreneurs on business, psychologists on dealing with anxiety, the list goes on and on and on.)

Watch your
kids thrive!

The app is pre-loaded with Life Upgrade lessons created for kids

So even if you're not sure what to have your kids do, we have you covered.

Kids Take Action!

Kids watch Life Upgrades lessons taught by 50+ world class Life Experts & put what they learn into Action.
Kids send video proof to their parents to show they completed the activities and to share insights.
My thinking has changed. If I do what needs to be done right away, I feel better and don't have to worry anymore!
—Daria on "Procrastination," 8th Grade

We make it simple & easy


What parents are saying...

What kids are saying...

What dripdrop Life Experts are saying...

We asked dripdrop Life Experts what Life Upgrades they wish they had when they were younger.
As a teen I used to really struggle with my skin and breakouts, so I would have totally wanted to do Dr. Tara Campbell's ‘Glow from Skin to Within’ Life Upgrade. That would have been awesome for me.
—Amy Tepperman, ‘Mission Intuition’ dripdrop Life Expert
I would have loved to learn vision boarding, like in Sarah Well’s Life Upgrade ‘Olympic Mindset’. It wasn't until later in life that I realized how amazing it can be for your life.
Carla Cuglietta, ‘Make Your Dreams Come True’ dripdrop Life Expert
I would have liked to do Chef Dev's cooking Life Upgrades. I don’t remember ever cooking at my University residence—I lived on take out Won Ton soup. Ugh. I love cooking now and it would have been great for me to learn early in life.
Lisa Seward, ‘4 Tools to Handle Bullying’ dripdrop Life Expert
A Life Upgrade I wish I had when I was young is Rebecca Niziol’s ‘Emoji Yoga.’ I was really anxious and that would have helped me.
Lauren White, ‘Creating Change through Social Media’ dripdrop Life Expert

Parents, you may be thinking...

I’m not sure I like the term ‘trade’...
dripdrop works because kids and parents BOTH get what they value most. Kids are highly motivated by the currencies of their generation (like screen time or V-bucks.) dripdrop harnesses this motivation and exchanges it in trade for the things parents want most, like learning life skills that will help kids thrive.
I can do this on my own, why do I need an app?
You can work out on your own too, but most people get better results with a trainer who provides structure, routine and accountability.
Is this just another chore app?
Chore apps don’t upgrade and enrich lives. And they are rarely fun. :)

Kids, you may be thinking...

Are these more boring Zoom lessons?
Do Zoom lessons let you earn more screen time or custom hoodies? Nope. Plus, our system works like a game. You heard right, you can literally play a game in orderto earn more time to game!

Launching Soon!

The dripdrop WinWin Trading app will be launching at the early 2021. Don't miss out on our Pre-Launch Sale to get a membership subscription for an exclusive price. Or gift one to your fav family!

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